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Der-Hsin Plastic Machinery has been providing various types of used& new plastic machines at competitive prices for more than 30 years. These include injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extruding production line, ranging from low to high tonnage. The vast variety of machine capabilities assures that your requirements will be met.


Our service:

*Used Plastic Machinery dealer

 (ex:second hand plastic machine 、used injection machine、used extrusion machine...,more used machine )

*Used Plastic Machinery repair and recondition

*Costumize Machinery design

*Used PlasticMachinery reform

*Manufacture Line design


Contact us:

Factory/ Showroom

TEL: +886-2-2294-1962  FAX: +886-2-2294-1960

Address: No.2, Sec.3, Min-Yi Rd., Wu-Gu District., New Taipei City, Taiwan

E-mail: derhsin.ka@gmail.com

Contact person: Chika Hung

Mobile: +886-938-392-816